“My life has been enriched by Ania”

“When I started training with Ania I wasn’t sure what to expect walking into my first session.  She greeted me with a huge smile and immediately made me feel comfortable and excited about what was to come.  With her positive attitude and motivational skills, I soon found myself achieving my fitness goals!!  She understood what I needed and pushed me to become a new, healthy and vibrant person. My life has been enriched by Ania and I have learned that a healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone!”

- Kristina Torent

“I would recommend everyone train with Ania”

“When I started training with Ania, I was amazed at her extensive knowledge and professional approach to helping me reach my fitness goals.   She was quick to correct my technique during my exercises as to avoid any type of injury, and that one-on-one attention to detail made me feel very confident in working with her.  I tend to always ask a ton of questions when I am doing things, and rather than be annoyed by it she was extremely patient and eager to answer all of my questions during our sessions. I would recommend everyone train with Ania if they want someone who knows what they are doing and someone who wants to lose weight quickly and efficiently!”


- Linda B

“She is extremely vibrant… I am in the BEST shape of my life thanks to Ania”

“When I first came in contact with Ania at my gym, I was immediately smiling.   She is always dressed in the brightest of colors and every time I walk into the gym and I am feeling tired or unmotivated, all I have to do is see her and It instantly improves my mood.  She is extremely vibrant and has an infectious energy about her.  She brings a unique Olympic-level knowledge of how to motivate and push me to a fitness level I never thought possible. I am 55 years old and I am in the BEST shape of my life thanks to Ania. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to enrich their life!”

- Peter Gibson, age 55

“The results have been tremendous!”

Ania has worked with me for a better part of a year now and the results have been tremendous! She has extreme skill in identifying areas that need work, isolating them and getting you the results you have always dreamed of. She designs an individualized program for each client to ensure that you attain your personalized goals.  She keeps the workouts interesting and different each day so I didn't find myself plateauing like in the past.  She helped me build lean muscle in the areas that I had requested and pushed me to a new level of fitness. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

- Bill Brandes

“She knows what it takes”

“I am pleased to recommend ANIA ~ she has been there, training and competing at a National / Olympic Team Level, so she knows what it takes if you are working towards some serious competition!

… Equally importantly, she is a qualified and patient trainer for your simpler personal goals, which may be simply getting and staying fit and building energy and stamina to stay on top of an active lifestyle.”

- Bill I.

“Pain-free and stronger and healthier than ever”

When I first started training with Ania, I was overweight, bloated, and unhealthy. I had chronic back pain and multiple knee injuries with the associated pain. Ania created a workout program specifically for me and I am happy to be pain-free and stronger and healthier than ever. My weight is down, as is my blood pressure and cholesterol count and I feel better and stronger at 53 than I did when I was 30!

I can now enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and participate in multiple Gran Fondos with relative ease!

Thanks Ania.

- E.G., age 53

“One never gets bored”

“I am a 60 year old Kinesiology Professor who has been happily working out with Ania for over 6 years. Ania is a delight to work with, she knows her stuff, and she always has new exercises to try so that one never gets bored. She has helped me work through some surgeries and injuries, and keeps me motivated while making work outs very fun and enjoyable. I look forward to my personal training sessions with Ania every week and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to become more fit. From the beginner to the seasoned athletic, Ania will create a program that works for you.”

- Wendy F


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